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Lyrics to The Other Side
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Not gonna say what I'm thinking about to you, and if you stay like that then we are through
Cause life is not a trial run I know I've just begun to find each answer from each day anew
We cannot forget what we have learned We won't compromise what we have earned
Well most people I know are bores, and giving up won't end our wars
We'll never join the ones whose backs have turned

{You got 2 sides to every story 2 sides to every lie
You come looking for me that where ill be on the other side}

You'll never get the true story from the press, On the streets is where we're at our best
It's hard to read the changing times, but judging from obvious signs help you learn a bit more than the rest
Try to read the answer in my eyes, Might find yourself thinking about your lies
Cause I don't wear a plastic mask, I might tell you if you ask
No one wins when no one ever tries
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