Lyrics to The Other Ones
The Other Ones Video:
All have come, Heeding the call.
Gathering secretly while kingdoms fall.
Drawing new Borders by mountains as tall
as our gods had once created them in mighty halls.

None shall ever take our faith away.

We are the other ones,
unique and united.
We are the other ones.
Those who will succeed.
We are the other ones.
Strong willed and united.
Once more we returned to be
the other ones.

We will leave for a place we'd once called our own.
Until this, our fortress away had been blown.
By forces that banished us to the unknown.
Still we are the strange outsiders.

Roaring thunder, wind and rain,
whirlswinds are at our side. There to remain.
None shall ever banish us again.

Now that I know this will not end.
I do understand that I am alone.
But then we are more than just one.
We are all but conform,
still wandering on.We are the other ones.

Now that all have come.
This last day has begun.
And by the rise of thousand suns.
We know what we'll become:
The other ones.

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