The Orchestrators Lyrics

Kool Keith

Diesel Truckers

Lyrics to The Orchestrators
The Orchestrators Video:
Yeah! Kool Keith, Diesel Truckers
Kutmasta Kurt, c'mon!
It's real big, brand new! Yeah
Trunk funk for the Jeeps baby
Let's roll out, let's go!

[Kool Keith]
I'm that type of hyper five foot pro, you passin dough
Check that on the low, can a animal go turn top ten?
Comin back again, you slack again
When Touch is on tightling{?} clock like brightling{?}
Rain on you, strike like Miami Lightning
Pound for pound, round for round
Sound for sound, tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat
Your girl get wet-wet-wet-wet-wet-wet
Particle flow, particle pro, whether you know man how do you go
When do you grow, when do you know, action, test 'em
Move faster, you just met the best of
You can't come for lester{?}, penalty getter, innovator
Over cat litter kickin lever you know I spent {?} days better

[Chorus: Kool Keith - repeat 2X]
The abominator, the orchestrators, the verse dominators
{*scratch*} I'll crush you haters
(Prepare for the rough stuff, Terminator X-terminator)
(Heavy grit on your turntables)

[Kool Keith]
Rap gotta upgrade, get better, more clever
It's talented now never, I heard the worst ever
Man with the personal music vendetta
What's old to me, is new to you
I got a cue for you, the right neckercise I do for you
Can't help to explain, critics on the side
Your favorite talker I don't sweat, everybody's gonna complain
If the publications don't, who will?
I never paid to see Wild Bill
I'm tired of R&B changed to fill


[Kool Keith]
Not impressed, with what's out there
Your big hat was smothered, all that
Promotion don't reach me
Basically what you got, I don't care
Your scalp is dry
Everybody need Arrid Extra, under the arms
to scope with Sterling, flashin off your charms
Relaxed by the nature pills, I'm on two calms
Sleep with the Calvin Klein silk pajam's
Behind my pillow, Bath & Body Works coconut lime
gettin rubbed on my arms - y'all +Ring the Alarms+


{*"heavy grit" scratched to end*}
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