Lyrics to The Opera
The Opera Video:
Narrator: The West and the East were waging war... Draco, the West's great hero, thinks of his love, Maria. Is she safe? Is she waiting...? Draco: Oh Maria! Oh Maria! How I long to be with you! Narrator: The forces of the West fell, and Maria's castle was taken. Prince Ralse, of the East, took her hand by force. But she never stopped yearning for Draco... . . . Maria: Oh my hero, so far away now. Will I ever see your smile? Love goes away, like night into day. It's just a fading dream. I'm the darkness, you're the stars. Our love is brighter than the sun. For eternity, for me there can be, Only you, my chosen one... Must I forget you? Our solemn promise? Will autumn take the place of spring? What shall I do? I'm lost without you. Speak to me once more! Vision of Draco: Come, Maria. Follow my lead. [Maria dances with the vision of Draco for a few turns.] Vision of Draco: Ha ha ha ha...... [The vision fades, leaving behind a (real) bouquet of flowers. Maria takes the bouquet and walks up to the balcony, where she tosses the flowers into the night sky.] Maria: We must part now, my life goes on. But my heart won't give you up. Ere I walk away, let me hear you say I meant as much to you.... So gently, you touched my heart. I will be forever yours. Come what may, I won't age a day, I'll wait for you, always... [A Minister from the former Western country approaches Maria.] Minister: Prince Ralse is looking for a dance partner. Leave the past behind. Our kingdom is adopting the spirit of the East. [Maria follows the Minister down off the balcony and inside.] . . . [Maria is dancing with Ralse amid other couples. Suddenly, a Messenger rushes in.] Messenger: The survivors of the West attack! Ralse: Impossible! Soldiers: Attack!! [A battle ensues on the dance floor.] Voice: Wait!! [Draco rides out into the fray.] Draco: Maria! Maria: Draco, I've waited so long. I knew you'd come. Ralse: Maria will finally have to become my queen! Draco: For the rest of my life, I'll keep you near... Ralse: It's a duel!

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