Lyrics to The Only One
The Only One Video:
This one's for the masses
I'm calling you
Stand clear at the doors please

Can't wait for the day to be done
We rock to the rythm and drum
The sunroof's up, the windows down

Move on!
Cause I wanna see all the massive
In the stage it's gonna be impressive
We travel with the speed of sound

It's the ride you decide
You will never compromise
We analyse the session
Get the lesson, if you dare

Ladies without gentlemen, this is the introduction!

Yeah yeah yeah eah yeah yeah yeah

Nobody's gonna bring us down
The louder the better we sound
You won't believe what's up tonight

Take me
You know it's all about the chicks
The reason we're still in the mix
I see you in the V.I.P.

No control, let it roll
Tonight i'll take your soul
I confess no regrets
As we progress now

Argh, we are justified and we are ancient

Yeah yeah yeah eah yeah yeah yeah

The only one I know
The only one I know
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