Lyrics to The One For You
The One For You Video:
There are some loving people out there,
just waiting for you.
And you know that when they find you,
they will love you.
And you will never see me again,
I know my heart will fail,
I know my skin will pale.
And I will forever be missing you,
unless I stop you here and tell you how I feel.

Let me sing you a song
Let me fill you a bong
Let me do you no wrong,
maybe get you turned on,
Let me be the one for you.

There's still time for you and me,
Funny though it may seem,
I know its time to dream,
and you may not love me today,
But I don't care what you say,
We'll find another way.
My mind has been made up,
and you will be my girl,
I'll take you around the world.
And you may not know it yet,
But we will last forever.
Forever and ever and ever ya!

Let me sing you a song.
Let me fill you up a bong!
Let me do you know wrong,
maybe get ya turned on,
let me be the one for you.
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