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Lyrics to The Oliver Cromwell Song
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The Oliver Cromwell SongSpoken:The most interesting thingabout King Charles the First is thathe was five feet six inches tall at the startof his reign, but only four foot eight inchestall at the end of it.Because of...Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protectorof England(Puritan)Born in 1599 and died in 1658(September)Was at first(Only)MP for Huntingdon(But then)He led the Ironside Cavalry atMarston Moor, in 1664 and wonThen he founded the NewModel ArmyAnd praise be! beat the Cavaliersat NaisbyAnd the King fled up North, likea bat to the Scots.Spoken:But under the terms of JohnPimm's solomn league andcovenant, the Scots handed KingCharles the First, over to...Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protectorof England(And his warts)Born in 1599 and died in 1658(September)But alas(Oy Vay!)Disagreement then broke out(Between)The Presbyterian Parliamentand the Military who meantTo have an independent bent.And so...The Second Civil War broke outAnd the Roundhead ranksFaced the Cavaliers atPreston banksAnd the King lost again, silly thing(Stupid git)Spoken:And Cromwell sent Colonel Prideto purge the House of Commons ofthe Presbyterian Royalists, leavingbehind only the Rump Parliament...Which appointed a High Court atWestminster HallTo indict Charles the First for... tyranny(Ooohhh!)Charles was sentenced to deathEven though her refused to acceptThat the court had... jurisdiction(Say goodbye to his head)Poor King Charles laid his head onthe block(January 1649)Down came the axe, and...Spoken:In the silence that followed, theonly sound that could be heard wasthe solitary giggle, from...Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protectorof England(OLE!)Born in 1599 and died in 1658(September)Then he smashed(IRELAND)Set up the Commonwealth(AND MORE)He crushed the Scots at WorcesterAnd beat the Dutch at seaIn 1653 and thenHe dissolved the rump ParliamentAnd with Lambert's consentWrote the instrument ofovernmentUnder which Oliver was Protectorat lastTHE END.

Songwriters: Cleese, John
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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