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Lyrics to The Old Walls
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I am standing in front of the Old Walls&
Not much remains of the ancient glory
I close my eyes, the wind whispers to me
Sounds of a time gone by
I'm lost in my thoughts, when
An old man appears to me:
"Let the memories reach your mind", he says
And suddenly he disappears

Walking through the green
Scenes of past life run through my head
Just like memories lost in time
Tappin' at my mind
So my soul meets the truth
The Walls seem to speak

I am standing in front of the Old Walls
A mystic place consumed
And forgotten by time
But still alive in my mind
The ghost of The Keeper
Wanders on the hill
He's crying on the ashes
Of the ancient glory
But what has been will remain

I'm reliving the past in the present:
My soul flies over the gates
Of a hidden dimension
Like a wandering spirit

And The Keeper reappears to me:
"Remember : memories are not
What has gone by, but a world to be relived!"
He says and disappears again
Now I think over the scenes I've seen
My soul meets the truth
The old wise man is smiling at me
The Walls seem to speak

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