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Lyrics to The Old Prince Still Lives at Home
The Old Prince Still Lives at Home Video:
(one two three four)
Yo, I live at home still
Not paying phone bills,
hydro or rent
And my mom makes most meals

So it's so ill, I don't need no skrill only cash for gas when I borrow my folks' wheels
--But you can't drive
Whatever our van died,
--get a good bike
What do I look like, that Lance guy?

I ain't pushin' no fantasy
Looking like some eight year old kid on your grandma's street
You can go ahead and call me lazy
I just retired real young y'all
Call me jay-z
Or maybe I just hate these crappy jobs
Call me crazy
But I refuse to work, man it's miserable
Can't do it 'less it's due to circumstance
And I need the cash to feed my astronomical appetite
But for the time being y'all I sacrifice
and have a life modest, a coupla luxuries it's cutting my budget schemes
and getting some stuff for free
Like why's a brother need a dentist?
It's expensive!
And my gums are bleeding due to every time he scrubs 'em clean
And every year they try to bump the fee
Plus he'll prob'ly recommend braces,
--there you go man,
That's another G
Well thanks a lot doc, but I can brush my teeth all on my own
So you ain't gonn' hustle me.

So that takes care of the dental plan,
Now here's a potential scam:
Gettin' my toes crushed by your rental van
Then advise who the driver and the rental guys
Enterprise or whatever I bet they would settle nice
Court adjourned, now I just gotta pay for the law forms
--that's easy
Spend two weeks eating popcorn
Like students do except I'm grown and it's not dorms
So it's a bit more pathetic, okay, a lot more.

But what y'all gotta mock for? What's wrong with my mach 3?
I gotta be macho and mach more?
Well not me, and I do not need to change blades some...where I shave chin back face legs
And the rashes rarely last more than eight days, usually
So that's cool with me - I can save great
--But hygiene?
But that's no reason to buy things
Like soap or visenes or getting clothes dry-cleaned
I don't throw away dough on no facials
Yeah I make rolls of my pennies
I even pay folks in clubs of these case full of Pesos I got
--Bro get 'em exchanged!
No I'm waitin' til the rates lower

Don't hate yo just cause y'all are wasteful
Y'all wanna make your brother a scapegoat
It's fucked
It's all nuance, use your head
Why get a bed and a couch when you can slouch on a futon instead?
If you got a little bread like croutons
Download them new songs
and spread them coupons

{music stops}
--Shad what happened?
Oh yeah, um, I couldn't afford the whole beat... so, uh, I know...
--Couldn't afford...
Yeah, no the guy was just charging so much, it was, it's totally not worth it
So I was just like, let's just like um, kinda just vibe with it
Like I'll just like spit the verse and you just start clapping the last verse
--Clap my hands?
Yeah just clap your hands from there, or whatever. I'll just, I'll start it, I'll start it
It's like:

{claps instead of music}
If you're happy when you save two dollars a week
Steal your neighbours' empty bottles and keep all your receipts
And only treat your girl yearly to McDonald's to eat
Don't be ashamed; pop your collars man, holla at me
If y'all is cheap, cause this is for acknowledging peeps
who's gotta track every dime using columns and sheets
If you strip-search the mall for a bargain to beat
Like every day you're just a penny safe from starvin' on th' streets
Keep carvin a niche
I've started on a job for the week
Little shaddies still to come for their college degree
Yo I figure starting early on the market is key
Cause I plan on having smart daughters all Harvard MD
And regardless we gonn' never put a car on the streets
'Less them gas prices lower and the parkin' is free
And no parka for me, not even gloves, scarves out of fleece
I may freeze but I'll keep saving marvelously

I told you, we just gotta vibe with it, man. It's good, I'm stoked. Yeah no it's a good track. Cut it.
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