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Lyrics to The Old Graveyard
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Wil you show me the way of true lovers
Through my mind, and over my lungs
And carry my heart through these shadows
In the pregnant night, to our baby dawn.
I'll shut my eyes and then open them wide
And cradle the light with my chest and arms
So that will take care as its father and mother
I'll live on holy day.
And so we'll make the day
We'll make it that way.

Will you carry this torch, grandmother?
Through the trees and over the water.
And show the way to the shadows
Back to your house and how bravery goes
Meanwhile I'll drive this steamroller
In the pitch black dark all over the graves
Of every boy and every king
and every master maker of every man made thing.
All the princes and all the priests
All the soldiers who made history.

And when the sun comes up on those tumbling stones
Will you share an apple with me in the new meadows
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