Lyrics to The Odyssey
The Odyssey Video:
In silent centuries they march the levels of oceans
Overflowing the emptiness of our souls
Transparent waves are the natural veil of their everlasting grief
Onto foot of heavens the dark pilgrimage takes palce

Day by day - year by year

Shining half-moon embraces its darkside
Duality of endless tranquillity
Time is but a fragment of misty eternity
Behold descendants of the lunar tide
And see them dance in an astral trance

Day by day - year by year
Day by day ... the odyssey ... year by year

Puzzling smile of the setting sun
Reflection beyond the stars when all gates fall down
In timeless odyssey of speechless companions
Myriads of stars - they are the sparks
That inflame the fires of funeral sorrows
Beyond all horrors - beyond all horrors

Day by day - year by year

Companions without name in the forest of yesterday
Dreaming the dreams of mournful dawn of passage to the cosmos community
The experience never experienced before
Pilgrims of odyssey alone - they are never to depart
From one sphere into another by the shore of the soul
They are just transcending - in odyssey alone

Day by day - year by year
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