The Odeum Of Silence Lyrics

Inner Fear

The Odeum Of Silence

Lyrics to The Odeum Of Silence
The Odeum Of Silence Video:
Scream all the soulles needs:
...As it demands the pain from you
Reduced to a skeleton you wane the face
Ecstasy cloistered from the soul's fear
Symphonic silence sounds so sublime

Parentless child holds you in its arms
To give the bliss from Morphia's embrace
So fragile and so tightly huddles to itself
Suffocation heals your bloodless veins

Odeum of silence
It's the Morphia that obsessed you

Odeum of silence
Creates blind dreams

Odeum of silence!

This is the love that you've ever so wanted
Its confusive passibility caresses you slowly
Choral silence sounds endlessly
It laid the siege over your twilight sleep

Tell, how deep is your desire
That can decide your own being
Try to enslave your intrusive thoughts
And your heart will feel much better
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