Lyrics to The Odds We Face
The Odds We Face Video:
A million to one is that the odds we face
Put down for trying, feel so out of place
Reaching out to nothing but I know there's something there
Won't give up that fast someone out there's gotta care
The words, sing straight from the heart
But the odds we face man they tear me apart
I dream of change, something we all should do
I keep up my hope cause sometimes dreams come true

The odds we face
Seems like no one's on our side
The odds we face
Hits me deep inside
The odds we face
Reaching out to something new
The odds we face
Can we include you

Cause it takes more than what we've got to stand up and be heard
We have got to all unite and start to spread the word
Cause you can make a difference if you could only try
And we have got to keep on trying to kick the odds aside
Together we've got to break down these walls that keep us apart
I mean this man it's how I feel and the words from my heart
we'll do this on our own if we have to just like from start
Just like from the start
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