Lyrics to The Obsidian Age Of Ice
The Obsidian Age Of Ice Video:
From Castle Walls Frozen
In The Lands Of Winter
The Cold Winds Whisper
A Forgotten Song
A Hymn Of The Dark Forest Lands
And Deep Winter Snow
That Touches The Soul
Of The Mighty Raven
That Flies High Above The Lands Below
As A Symbol Of Death And Darkness
Dark Warriors Arise From Their Graves
Clawing Through The Frozen Earth
To Storm The Lands In Hatred And War
Through The Falling Snow They March
Across The Cold Winter Landscape
All Shall Fall To The Frosted Steel
Of Their Swords
Bathed In The Blood Of Frozen Hearts
That Coats The Beautiful White Snow
The Fallen Become A Feast
For Wolves From The Forest Of Ice
That Howl Their Fury
To The Waning Moon
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