Lyrics to The Night
The Night Video:
Sunset, beginning the nightmare
The night again
Candles lighted burning in the rain, shadows on the shadows
Denuding your fear, consciences incruted with hate storming
Your mind 'cause they are near

Thousands of hounds and rats devouring the day
(Killing the light)
Putting the cards on the table, and where are your aces (yeah)
Prostitutes, killers, robbers shoming their eyes (one by one die)
The goodness of the day has gone, this is the night...

In the night you can't get out of own house
The red light of a filthy brothel hidden in a dirty suburb
You are the prey of the dark
The hungry hunters are searching for your smell of money,
Pleasure and blood,
Dangers, worries, fears,
bring on the night
Turning around a corner a murderer awaits
The life of a man
The value of a cent
The virginity of a woman is not worth a darn
Thousand of hounds, and rats devouring the day...

Behind the knife of hell - die
Before you the sinner whore - fall
On the left the starved bastard - fight
On the right the police gun - arrest
Time to escape
Time to... die
Sunset, beginning of nightmare...
Thousand of hounds and rats...
In the night...
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