The Night [Between Me And You] Lyrics

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Romeo And Juliet Are Not Dead

Lyrics to The Night [Between Me And You]
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A night gathering
Of a wizard and a witch
Who know how to let rose petals
fly in the air
At every movements of the hands
An endless dance
Changing at every look
At every breath

Sometimes I see strange things happening in the dark
Images dancing and moving into my eyes
Sometimes I see strange images in the dark
Women Iâ??ve never seen, women I fall in love with

Until the day will come

And the fear of being discovered with it
By those who canâ??t make petals fly in the air
By those who are neither wizard nor witch
And canâ??t understand the sounds

And with the night petals fall
To die on the ground
The death of movement
But one among all ends in the lake of our tears
And we who are mirrored so distant see ourselves
Hand in hand

At last wizard and witch
Even at the light of day
Of a day that will be
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