Lyrics to The 'Nice People' Argument
The 'Nice People' Argument Video:
All through the South, I had trouble at crossing the street.
Cut out the cradle, still rocking, but aimless and endlessly missing the beat.
And I can't shake this cold, as boredom turns into sleep.
And who you gonna hold to all the promises you don't keep?

And yes, I'm sure we'd all agree that they're all very nice,
but on the plane to New York, well, it made me think more than twice.
And brother, they still won't listen, so you got to choose your side.
And all your talk is just so much pissing, if you're just along for the ride.

So don't you mess me around because I'm coming on strong.
I'm going back underground. C'mon, we been up here too long.
Sister, it's cold outside, so come on in where it's warm
and it feels like home,
and it feels like home,
and we're home.
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