Lyrics to The News
The News Video:
An inspirition for a real sensation: Emancipation of my soul. And my fixation is some information on this part's relation to the whole. My aspiration is pure meditation: Self-realization, that's the goal! But nonsense information breaks my concentration, mudane sound vibration is taking control! Before I want to hear your news, I want the news on me. Been caught up so long in all of life's hype, I haven't had time to see that beneath the disguise the real self lies which needs a soul satisfying activity. No, I dont' want to hear your news, I want the news on me. Turn down that noise! Who are we essentially? Beneath the smiles, profiles, and styles lies individuality. No more immense pretense, I'll take down my fence. I want to know the real me. No more acts, I just want some facts on the soul's real personality. But that news confuses, misconstrues, and abuses. It blocks my view from what I need to see. I want the news on me

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