The Mystery Room Lyrics

Ray Davies


Lyrics to The Mystery Room
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It's the middle of the night
And I look in the mirror
Hey man, what do ya' see?
Hear the sound of the train by the river
Cryin' out "Follow me"
And the [?]
Run down the street, rain on my head
Since I was a kid, always wanted to see
Now I'm faced with mortality
Yeah, I feel a greeting
Yeah, my heart's still beating
Now there's no retreating
Comin' into the mystery room
Yeah, my brain's in a [?]
My body's in free-fall
Short circuited, crosswire
Up on the highwire
Hear them play that honky tonk tune
As you walk through that Mystery Room
Yeah, can you feel the gloom?
[?] in the Mystery Room
Yeah, [?] face of fear
Live in denial, 'til we all get out of here
Medication in the hope it might disappear
If you can't see it, ya' can't feel it
Meanwhile they're playin' my tune
It's rainin' out there, but in here it's [?]
Big black cars, covered in [?]
That's why I hide in my Mystery Room
Don't [?] me
It's a moment too soon
Can't ya' hear the?
'Cause I'm here in my Mystery Room
Come and join us
We're here in the Mystery Room
Yeah, hear the music
Yeah, my heart's still beating
Now there's no retreating
Turn in to the Mystery Room
Songwriters: RAY DAVIES
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