Lyrics to The Mourning After
The Mourning After Video:
I haven't slept a wink since you left without warning.
I've had time to think since Monday morning.
After you swooned me with your angelic eyes
But everything changes at daybreak as you said:

"Hello, beautiful."
I realize these pleasures of the flesh
Will be the death of me.

You left me in my bed, so enthralled
Oh how I've longed to return your call
But what am I so afraid of?
I've been asking myself that for decades
Come to me in the twilight,
So I can whisper in your ear:

"Hello, beautiful"
I realize that every word
Has been filtered into dirt.

Dirt-cheap lies that fly like an ember
To spark a wildfire of adolescent desires.
Oh, Beautiful, you are so full of it with fickle shit
That I never know when you start or when you quit.
Your beautiful lies, oh my lord, those thighs bring to mind
When my libido's lost and then I find myself in another fight.

But it's a new day and too early
To bicker with each other's feelings.
Then you say "When I'm with you, I feel so happy"
I reply that "Happiness is only a phase."
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