Lyrics to The Most We Need
The Most We Need Video:
Road maps, old crumpled flyers from shows so long ago, some broken glass and dirty clothes, some things I don't even know. I can't believe the end would come so soon, but these times we shared, they don't escape my mind. They won't. We'd drive into the dark night singing with the stereo. Right into the sunrise, from New Orleans to Ontario. From a windy city to one of brotherly love. It was fun while it lasted. Oh yes, yes it was. Well you know this is what its all about. Playing these shows for all these kids who always come out. We arrive at a different city every night. Hoping the kids there accept us and do what is right. Always welcoming us with open arms. Always welcoming us with open hearts. Some food, some gas money and a floor to get some sleep. That's the most we ask for and that's the most we need

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