The Moron Brothers Lyrics


Split Series 3

Lyrics to The Moron Brothers
The Moron Brothers Video:
(Performed by Rancid)

Talking about the Moron Bros', tattooed fingers,
tattooed toes
They're idiots, losers, they're scum
Taking advantage of everyone
You're a dog, they're your fleas
Doing everything they can to spread disease
They'll take your beer, they'll take your drugs
Leave with you microscopic bugs
Their company is something you won't miss
When your icetrays are filled with piss
They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others
They'll whine, they'll bitch, they'll fuck you if you're rich
They'll leach, they'll latch, they are the itch you can't scratch
Do do do do do do do do da do do do do etc.
They'll ink your face, tape your eyelids closed
Tabasco's in your mouth,
there's mustard up your nose
When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed
Just try to move your leg
they've put you in a cast
They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others
They may not go down in history
But they'll go down on your sister

Songwriters: BURKETT, MIKE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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