Lyrics to The Mirror
The Mirror Video:
Looking for protection The mirror is a door made out of glass Spend some time, watch life pass The mirror is where death comes and goes Spend some time and age shows When I put my firts suit on I looked so young and strong The perfect cover for a boy Who thought himself a broken toy But noone else's supposed to see Noone else supposed to... Agree... Looking for protection A beautiful woman and fashion sways Elegance is the embrace of decay Oh, there was this different one Makes me proud, the way it was done Stripes and buttons everywhere That hid my helplessnes, my fear The perfect image for a man Who always lends a helping hand I strike a hand across my chin Learn to like what is within To like the things I fear the most What I seek and all my... Ghosts... I'm standing here wondering what to wear Nude and in the flesh I have to stare Looking for protection

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