Lyrics to The Miracle Mile
The Miracle Mile Video:
They call this the miracle mile, but I call it a piece of shit. For every word of true compassion I'll show you a fucking throat to slit. This is a town where looks mean the world and true love is but a TV plot. Beauty queens, prescription death. A golden state where true beauty rots. It's hard to look this city in the face when you hate what it's become. And it's hard to crack a smile when all your hopes have been undone. Cause everyone is listening but no one hears a fucking sound. And everyone has shed their tears but they're the fakest tears around. Here we'll die. With the sun. We've got your blue skies but the forecast is bleak. In every picture another airbrushed face. On every corner a silver screen mistake. For every first love an ass that had to be kissed. With every tragic death a star that won't be missed. Now we'll sink. Just like they said. And with the setting sun. We will all be dead

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