Lyrics to The Mighty Hard Rocker
The Mighty Hard Rocker Video:
"One, two, three, four..."

This is the one You've been waitin' for
Ha-hardcore rhymes galore
The marvellous man here to take the stand
with Cash on the funky beat, the one man band
Let You know that I'm on the go
And my rhymes will flow on your radio
Man, I just had to boast from coast to coast
givin' You a dose of Your favorite host marv the most
casually amazin' and got You cratin'
for a rhyme You never find so god damn
The beat is with the e, make my tongue react
like a mic give a sight I'm hyper like a maniac
ready to attack and cut no slack
get ill and kill and just damage the track
let loose, produce the juice that can't can't deal wit
when ya hit with a bit on the ultimate
Material for Your stereo
All hail the king, the jam, the new hero

"Why - I just wanna say, it's truly fantastic to see so many beautiful brothers and sister gathered in one place..."

Now listen to the master who'll out laster
doin' what has to be done and cut faster
I can pull a crowd of many people
Rappers try to hate, but nah, then i equal
You'll meet defeat cause You can't compete
You can bring a whole Yall and get beat
Drop it stop it nah! you won't get up
Before You rhyme like Heinz You gotta KetchUp
I'm changin', rearrangin' the new rap plan
I'm mighty vocalist and I'm better known as....

"The Mighty Hard Rocker, who's rockin' You butt"
"Kick it..."
"Know what I'm sayin'..."

When I walk in the place Yo! it shocks Your Eyes
Ladies go crazy they feel like they're hypnotized
Rappers run and hide and slide through the side door
the mic is in my hand to command the dance floor
As cash crusades and burns the XFade
Jock tryin' to rock doin the cuts he made
they follow in his footsteps, but You know
"There is no competition", as cash's cuts go

"On and on..."
Come on...
"Yeah, yeah, yeah"

Now, now, now, now, now check out, what I'm sayin'
displayin' like calgon my rhymes will take You away
To another place, time, planet and space
Yo, Cash stop the track
And pump up the bass Yo come on, let's roll
as I write the rhymes that break the mold
While for years you been under spell You hits swell
Lost in the song so You couldn't tell
But now the time has come, things have changed
the new name ,my new game ,the deal express
The M, the A, the R, the V, the E, the L,
So come and groove on and take a chance with
as I drop the rhymes that kinda make You dance with

"The Mighty Hard Rocker, who's rockin' You butt"
Yeah, You know it...
Come on...
"Kick it..."
"Know what I'm sayin'..."
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