Lyrics to The Message
The Message Video:
So many things we could have said to save ourselves from this pain, so many things we could have done differently so we could understand where we are now. My cheeks burn in memories and pictures of days closer to your skin. You are a constant distraction hiding just under the surface of calm I manage to draw above me to pass through hours away. I do not recall the time and place, but somehow your pulse now warms me far better than miles of blankets ever have.

If this is a mistake, it just may be one worth walking into. Maybe I've got it all wrong, but from here you look like blue skies for months to keep this winter from cooling my pulse. I remember a time when love and happiness came to me in waves of passion I couldn't control.

Truth be told, these phone lines I can deal with. Of course I want to hold you, of course I want to see you everyday but just because I can't doesn't mean I'm going to give up on you. You don't see it the way i do, you tell me if we're meant to be we'll be together in the future.

I don't want another sad song to remind me of you. I want you to wake me up, call me, and say Be with me, despite the distance, just be with me. I would be so happy to hear you say I love you. Planes were invented for us. Please be content with kisses over the phone.

It's not the distance that counts.
It's the love.
It's the love.
It's the love

(Thanks to Leah for these lyrics)
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