Lyrics to The Mess
The Mess Video:
Saturday night smashed out of my brains
laying on the floor looking really intelligent
oh what's news I hear you say
all of my dreams have gone down the drain
It just goes to show I wasn't paying attention
things just worsened day by day
in every way.

oh, oh look at me
I'm as hip as i can be
I'm wasted, just look at the mess I am in. Spent half of the night walking the streets
looking for a party that never existed
every week is just the same
well we talked about sex but never of love
we bragged about girls with which we'd had fun
oh but the thing that's really sad
we never had.
I was brilliant at school but not in exams
my teachers they could not understand
how five years work went to the wall
and then I got into trouble 'cos I got in the way
when things went wrong, well I got the blame
I was Idle through no fault of my own
none of my own.
oh, look at me no-one 'round here wants me
I'm wasted just look at the mess I am in.

Down there, they are laughing at you
down there, it is you who's gonna get screwed
down there they will walk all over you
down there ,down there, down there.
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