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Lyrics to The Mental Bloodtide
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Naked I run through a lively maze
Formed by breathing walls moaning their shame

My eyes are melting, dripping on my cheeks
Hollowing deep trails on my putrid face

Clouds of pestilence surround me
Formed by the stench of my decomposition
Though I can still see

I collapse in a mental blood tide
The negation of my self

I was given life but I refuse it
Love is a lie

I have only one way to escape
It's the negation of my being
For I am not... just an illusion
I have to destroy my body and my mind
Self rape Self desecration
Self annihilation Self ruin
Don't want to suffer this mistaken world
I want to return to the perfection

But I am still captive of this carnal substance
I need to shatter it
With fire, ice, time and hatred...
Hatred! Open me the gates of nothingness!
But I am still a prisoner of this body
I need to destroy it

I want to rot entirely
Though I am still alive

I gnaw my mouldy limbs
To accelerate my regression

But I cannot die now
Why? Creators, fear my revenge!
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