Lyrics to The Me Generation
The Me Generation Video:
Sally sixteen thinks she's a star
Spends lots of time in a bar
Or in a drive in restaurant
Never lets a greaser by in his car
Jim's tough in his redneck shirt
His face half covered in dirt
He thinks he's tough when he knows he's stoned
But he's never quite so alert

The future of the world lies with
this boy and girl
Ain't your head in a whirl when you
look at this boy and at this girl
Cos' they're the me generation
They're the a -- s of the eighties
They're the me generation
They'll be lonely old men and ladies
They're the me generation
Are we old or are we crazy?
Are we crazy? Are we crazy?

Jill's parents they got a divorce they both found somebody else
Ain't that quite an example to set for the kids
Fuck everyone' Just love yourself.
Joe Rocker says he gets sex a lot
But we know he's full of shit
But he's got lots of high school groupie kids
Who really think that he's it.
The future of the world lies
with this boy and girl ....
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