The Maze Lyrics



Lyrics to The Maze
I’m running out of time
Same old excuses all day long
The clock’s a harsh mistress
She waits for not a soul

I’ve bitten more than i can chew
Choke back these tears it’s all askew
I just want to fucking sleep forever

I’ve tried to run for far too long
Is this where my heart belongs

All hope is gone
I fear the end is near
My mind fades to black
(Just cut the static and start again)
I’ve got no choice
Have done this to myself
Watch me dig, My own grave
Lost in the maze

It never fucking ends
Every path i choose is painted black
Forgotten how it feels to have value
There’s just no turning back

I’ve lost control of these thoughts
Every memory a tainted view
I’ve tried to put up walls
But these demons they stare right fucking through

Don’t think that I can fight no more
Fatigued, my mind is racing

Brace for the impact
I’m overwhelmed, just need some space
Broken and abstract
Could this really be my last few days

I need to separate
From my mind, i’ve got to get away
I’m so lost in this maze of darkness

I need to separate
From my mind, i’ve got to get away
I’m sick of all the pain
Trapped inside this fucking maze
Songwriters: James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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