Lyrics to The Maze
The Maze Video:
I can see it now floating in the distance, ever elusive light. I can feel it now, and I can't resist it
Tell me it's alright. Can you help me now as it holds me down? Where have I been? Found myself
Chasing a dream that I lost. Where have I been? Bound myself up by the chains that I put on myself
All of those nights I barely survived. Where have I been? Found myself falling to fast. I'm amazed
I made it this far. I've been running ‘round keeping up with myself. But i'm so tired now. I've been
Spinning ‘round saying I don't need help. But now I'm reaching out. Laughing comes easy to you
But I just fake it. Happy is where I should be, when will I make it?. Been lost in this maze for so long
Forgot my way back. Been stuck in this haze for so long, but I'm right on track
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