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Lyrics to The Man On The Boardwalk
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As I walked through the streets I saw a man on the boardwalkAs he sat there between empty bottles of wineHe asked me to give to the old and the poor onesHe asked me to give him a moment of time"Do you feel love inside?" said the man on the boardwalk"Do you live your life right and do the best that you can?As I threw mine away, I was only a dreamer, I was only a fool, just a searching young man ...""Yes I live on the streets!" said the man on the boardwalk"I will stay in this place for the rest of my live ...I have struggled, I have fought, I have tried to survive andNow I'm empty inside like these bottles of wine ..."So I bought him a drink, and he started to tell meStories about his miserable life"I was young, I was proud, I was just as you are now" he said"I have lost and it cuts like a knife""I believed in a god, if he's there he's not listening to meWhy doesn't he, protect me from cold?I have tried to give my best, I have tried to belive in himNothing is left, now I'm empty and old!!And he drank, and he drank, and he began singingAnd he sang and he sang and he finally criedThen I knew it for sure, a better world beyond this oneWould open the doors just to let him insideYes I knew it for sure, a better world beyond this one would open the doors, the day he will die ...

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