Lyrics to The Looking Glass
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In the cattails, a maid did dwell,
She sang sweet songs, but she loved as well;
She was a bit over five feet tall,
And she loved no man, for she loved them all.

In her bed many hours we lay
While the north winds'd blow and the sparrows'd play
And in my hand she placed a key,
Sayin', "Keep this my love, follow me,"

So I swore, for she knew me well,
I swore this love, I'd never tell;
She said for me her soul she'd sell,
Even if she must walk the fires of hell.

Her hair it rushed and flowed so long
On a silken pillow, it did belong;
Her eyes were yellow like the mornin' sun
and they were singin' each one a song
And her skin was dark like a russet dawn

Well in her hair would flow my tears,
Of my lonely days, and my bitter years,
And on her breast, my soul would sail,
And her mouth was as sweet, sweet as ale.

She was to me a golden cup,
That poured me life, for me to sup;
And in her heart was a lookin' glass,
And a sturdy ship, with a highest mast.

For many days, I did remain,
Until one day, I forgot her name;
Then I knew I'd have to go
From where the sparrows played, and the north winds'd blow.

But then one day, by the cattail pond,
My love was dyin', and then she was gone;
I buried her where the green grass grows,
And there she slept 'til the winter snows.

So I sang my sorrow to the trees,
And they said, "Go sing it to the breeze;"
Well I knew this love no man could believe,
So I buried my sorrow, my heart, and my key.
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