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Petula Clark

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Lyrics to The Little Shoemaker
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THE LITTLE SHOEMAKER In the shoemakers shop this refrain would never stop as he tapped away, working all the day At his bench, there was he, just as busy as a bee little time to lose for the boots and shoes. But his heart went pop inside the little shop when a lovely girl set `em all a-whirl she had come to choose some pretty dancing shoes and he heard her say in a charming way. Refrain: Shoes to set my feet a-dancing, dancing dancing, dancing all the day shoes to set my feet a-dancing, dancing dancing all my cares away. Then he tapped and he stitched for his fingers were bewitched and he sewed a dream into every seam making shoes, oh, so neat just like magic on her feet and he hoped she`d know that he loved her so But she danced, danced, danced as though she were entranced like a spinning top all around the shop on her dainty feet she whirled into the street and he heard her say as she danced away Refrain...

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