The Light From Between Your Eyes Lyrics

Shawn Phillips


Lyrics to The Light From Between Your Eyes
The Light From Between Your Eyes Video:
In the dark of all that's happened
By the light from between your eyes
The world has now become illumined
The wailing's not a great surprise
The passing of a state of being
The shadow of a knowing smile
A flicker of the fate await us all the while
To the spaces of a testy nation
Incessant in its search for force
I cancel all my obligations
Refusing to remount the horse
Benthamism could be valid
For those who cannot feel the source
There's got to be a simpler way to set our course
Sifting through the minds that guide us
There's very little to be found
But avarice and insurrection
Making yet another round
Cynicism isn't something you really want to toss about
A life is truly worth a lot more than we're taught NOW
But finally we will see a clearing
Of hyaline dimension set
Solution in the myth of oneness
Dreamers all around us yet
Signal to the empty essence
Urging not to take too long
Time is of the utmost importance but we're so strong
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