Lyrics to The Lifeless Advance
Scorn concealed within the reviled
Stripped of its frail grasp
To not be absolved
Invoking false deliverance
Crushing rage renders the weak forgotten

Drown in tides gripping the dead
Become what is dictated by oath

Salvage nothing from the ruins

Infernos of blinding hatred
Will shelter the grave malefaction
Cleanse your hands of these wounds
Pierced by fear, with hope now diminished

Concede no pity
The malignant shroud darkens all souls

Strangling the life from scoured skin
Iniquity turns to silence
Only blood of corrosion infects the ascendant

Drained until hollow
Remain empty
Abdicate from final vows
The last rites have been spoken
Isolation swallows everything

Idle as it burns to ember