The Life I Hate Lyrics

Accidental Suicide


Lyrics to The Life I Hate
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Kill me kill me now

my mind is flashing
iridescent shades of red
watching me dying
fantastic dream in my head

why must I live
its my choice
by right I should die
repeated reasoning
then I think maybe I should try

edge of my silver
gleams from the light
my mind screams this is the night

curse me and let me die
I screeach out loud
"release me"
I hate this life
you must let me go

first shaving of flesh and meat
hangs from my arm

watching my blood spurt and spill
makes me grow alarmed

halfway is not good enough
I cant bear this pain
red is splashing now silently like rain

twirling and twisting
I feel dizziness
my throat swells up
not only is there chunks and blood
and now I vomit-I threw up

this horrid mess Im creating
a sight I must endure
to exit life and enter death
this is my cure

seeing my blood dance down walls
tears stream down my face
I watch in awe

a collage of frenzied and confused thoughts
saliva meets blood as it strings from my jaw

kill me kill me now

cure me and let me die
I screeach out loud
"release me"
I hate my life
fuck off world
now I go
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