The Life And Death Of Love And Anguish Lyrics

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Lyrics to The Life And Death Of Love And Anguish
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Life, love, misery and anguish [x4]

Fall little snuggle bunny, choke until you hit the ground, I spew
Conformity, swallowed whole, how you like the sound, I'm a terrible
Menstrual pain, died inside the heart beats, lord know I'll always feel
The same, smiles are so alarming, life's a car thief, with broken ribs and
Pagan jumpsuits, this is why I sell my skin, to shattered thoughts, we
Live in drum loops.
We're all clay pigeons, with hallowed life's, I swallow teeth, yes, I'm a
Used religion, shaken more than my beliefs,
Ohh, I'm the house on haunted hill, dance my little puppets, lost my head
And tried to swallow pills, why chase the sunsets, I love gun sex, taste
Them all, you little floozy, I stiffen up like broken necks, even more I
Bleed profusely, please try to rape me, or at least taste my body, I don't
Want to spread my humble wings and now I'm feeling naughty. I can't afford
To feed the puppies, every time I stop to grieve, it's just that anguish
Spots the skeletons once my eyes start to bleed.
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