Lyrics to The Lies In Allies
The Lies In Allies Video:
when the summer finally burns your insides
we'll know you put the lies in allies
when the summer finally says its time to see
we'll see the blueprints of a broken heart
no matter what your apology confesses I still know
you read me like a soliloquy from my head down to my toes

sometimes apologies don't mean a thing
like four in the morning when you're in bed sleeping
you don't need a phone conversation to wake you up to bring you down
cause when it's over we both know

so here we are again
I'll take your fragile hand and say
a million of the ugliest lies that allies could ever tell
you can't express yourself and you've tried 10,000 times
exponentially meaningless and even less with time

so this is what I want from you
a list of everything you'd try to make things worse
and make things hard
so this is where we draw the line
standing at the great divide
plotting revenge
take me off this

in your sleep you cry my name
in your sleep you choke your sheets
one more time
one more slit
your tongue keeps moving like a mute
tied in knots by your deceit
one more time
one more slit

so sleep with one eye open tonight
cause this will be your final resting place
your hands on one another and pray that you make it out alive
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