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Lyrics to The Legend Of Keshara
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"They mistake us for one of them
We have one aim, and we will follow it
Fanatically and ruthlessly to the grave"

The wolf spirit rises from his dignified death,
To a beckoning call from an unknown voice
From his death, new life is given unto him,
As a reward for his paths

"Breathe your words of fire, set my soul alight,
Foreseen and almighty, now we see your truths!"

Now with wings and heart of dragon,
He is arisen from the flames
To soar into the heavnes,
The dwelling of his race...

Breathing words of fire,
Setting souls aflame
Freseen and almighty,
Now they see his truth

Soaring beyond the threshold,
Seen from below, a shining star
To guide me on my path to eternal glory

Rejoice, the sight of Man-God
From beast of burden, to a celestial body...


"You mustn;t act yourself, you must obey,
You must give in, you must submit to this
Overwhelming need to obey"
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