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Lyrics to The Least of These
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I'll set my heart on love, and let the world know why I sing

I'll shake the liars hand, because I know we're the same

I'll let the Godless know, that I will stand at their side

I'll let forgiveness show, throughout the rest of my life

I have been a hypocrite, and I've been all the dirty things that would disgust you

But in this I have seen compassion, when it was undeserved

I will never claim perfection, so I'll stand at the bottom to lift them up

We need to make a change, if we could look outside our boxes

If we could learn to love, no matter what we believe

Can we all come together

I'll shake the liars hand, because I know that we're the same

Oh how can I condemn, when I've been delivered from the flame
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