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Lyrics to The Lay of Grimnir
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Geirrod and Agnar set to sea. Sons of King Hraudung they were. Their oars kissed the water above where Jormagund sleeps. They cast off their baited hooks.
The clouds gathered above in the heavens. Their luck in the catch left them unaware
Caught amidst storm and far off shore,as the serpent thrashed at the ocean floor.
wave upon wave they held strong, pulled further and further from shore, brave hearted,strong sons of the north, they would see land once more......
They awoke dashed against the rocks,weary and bruised from the journey. They gathered themselves searching for shelter. In the distance they saw a column of smoke........
They greeted at the door by a simple farmer and his wife. They were and fed and given shelter as they stayed the winter through.
The farmer was wise and good,and he cared for geirrod. His wife grew close with Agnar,who began to see her as his mother.
There was darkness in Geirrod's heart,selfishness and hate. As winter drew nigh to an end their fathers kingdom did await. They braved the sea on their journey home .Geirrod's heart was full of deceit ,as he stepped upon the shore he pushed his brother out to sea
Their father passed in their absence the throne was empty, Geirrod was now king........
Odin watched from Asgard and smiled upon his work:for he was the farmer and Frigg, the wife who had cared for them in the cold.
Agnar had grown into a man,a giantess he wed. Odin scoffed at young Agnar saying Geirrod was a better man......
Geirrod was a ruthless king and he ruled his people with hate. Frigg contested Odin's claim and they sought the boys again.......
Frigg sent word into Geirrod's kingdom,of a powerful sorcerer making his way
cloaked in rags,Odin came, unaware of the fires that await. Odin called himself Grimnir and was seized,placed between 2 fires and bound in chains. 8 nights in the sweltering heat. But the God would not be slain........
Geirrod's had a son 8 winters old named Agnar for his fathers brother.
he freed Grimnir and gave him a full horn to drink as griminess cloak was smoldering.
Geirrod sat , sword on his knee, half drawn from its sheath. When he heard of Odin, he rose to take him from the fire.
The sword slipped and fell hilt down. he fell upon the sword. Then Odin vanished,and Agnar was crowned a king forever more...........
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