Lyrics to The Last Song
The Last Song Video:
I was thinking of you
In that you wouldn't believe all the things I knew
Yeah I played dumb around you
But I knew everything about you

I guess I thought you had changed
Dropped the B from the girl and certain slang
While the ships were sinking you claimed to float
But still I saved every word you wrote

So bye bye love
Exchange your demons below for demons above
Familiar stories and predictable names
A few less notes, but the song's the same

Sometimes I think you were right
Even though I know I miss you tonight
I still remember the waves that crashed
And the Lou Reed songs that made you laugh

Your wings were clipped from the string
Dress your puppy and please teach him to sing
I used to think we could still be friends
Forget this mess and start again

So bye bye dove
Shake off the rumors and move three streets from love
If not for Heaven the end we knew
And this is the last song that I'm gonna sing...for you
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