Lyrics to The Last Polka
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Well, she crept back in the house
At half past three
Shook her head to see him snoring
In his sleep
"If you really loved me," she said
"I wouldn't have to be so mean"

He's a heap of junk that pours
Ffrom his top drawer
Sometimes likes to spread it out
Around the floor
It's evidence of what he was like
He likes to remember when...

Sha la ly, sha la ly lo ly
The end is growing near
And we're treading water now
And holding back our tears
And the day is rising
We're sinking sha la la la la la

In a minute it will all
Be coming down
And they know it now but
No one makes a sound
Such a shame to ruin this bright
Lazy summer day...

My my, the cruelest lies
Are often told without a word
My my, the kindest truths
Are often spoke, but never heard

She said, "You've been pushing me like
I was a sore tooth
You can't respect me 'cause I've done
So much for you"
He said, "Well I hate that it's come to this
But baby I was doing fine
How do you think that I survived
The other 25 before you?"
Songwriters: FOLDS/GOODMAN
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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