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Upon one foggy afternoon, a foolish man ran out of room / In his garbage can so he, threw his trash into the sea / He did this time and time again, the sea still looked fine to him / He saw no reason to stop this, until the day he met a fish... / The fish told him you're a fool, who will clean up after you? / Don't throw your garbage near me, we don't want it in the sea / But the fish was never heard, & instead the mean just spread the word / Before long everybody disposed of their rubbish in the sea... / That's where it all fell apart! / The water's color slowly changed, and the sea was quickly drained / Of the life that had lived there, it was now almost completely bare / The man returned, one rainy day, but not to throw garbage away / He planned to catch some fish instead, not knowing they were mostly dead / The man fished all day and night, but simply nothing would bite / Caught some boots and metal chains, but threw them back to where they came... / When the sun came up the next day, the man give in when he began to pray; / "Dear god it's your old friend me, i've lived free of sin, now i stand here desperately" / God did not answer his prayers, instead a single fish stood there / The only one that had survived, he was barely even alive / His voice was withering and weak, scared the man when he began to speak / "I warned you fool, you did not see, the only fish alive is me / I tell you now as I stand alone, you successfully destroyed my home / You broke the great cycle of earth, you'll kill yourself and you'll kill the world first / I beg you now to change your ways, my home has been lost but the earth can be saved." / He looked at the world for one last time, then closed his eyes, sunk down and died

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