Lyrics to The Last Day
The Last Day Video:
believing we are reaching for the stars
we are staring straight into the abyss
in our strife for divinity
we've become deaf to the trumpets of apocalypse

eden, forever tainted by the touch of man
innocence and purity lost to the powers of chaos
the arrogance of humanity
catalysing the destruction of creation
for which we will be condemned to eternal damnation

seeds of destruction sown through history
ripe for the harvest of our destiny
let there be no mercy shown
when dawn has set upon the last day
fight fire with fire and destroy this world of decay

burn the parasites of society
those who feed on other's misery
in their frenzy blinded by their greed they pay no heed
there will be no salvation for their way of life
the last day will bring their demise

the day will come
when the last drop of blood has been drawn from this earth
the day will come
when the wicked will receive their punishment
the day will come
when angels swing their unforgiving blades of justice
the day will come
when death rides among us
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