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In response to your letter
I can't say I agree with you that it's best "if you just forget her"
And I see where you're coming from
I may have even been there before
But this time it doesn't seem like its the best thing for either of us to do
I know...

These are trying times and
These fucking lines are wasted
Trying to find what works and doesn't
Works and doesn't, doesn't work does it
But you can't seem to see inside of me no matter how hard I
Try to sneak past your fortress at night
And in your heart I'll hide
I'll hide...

Screaming I wanted something more than this
I know how much this (much this) aching, breaking, takes you away
but i want you to know that
I wanna take you out
I wanna take you out
But not this time...

Take you out this time give me one more night
And we'll see where this can go
Besides the same cliches
Like "I can't find a thing"
I think I'll stick around for a while even if it is only to follow you
I will, I'll follow you...

And now this letter's almost through
I'm barely tapping into how I feel about you
And thats all that I need you to know
All you need to know right now is this:
"I love you".
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