The Lady With The Torch Lyrics

Shel Silverstein

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Lyrics to The Lady With The Torch
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The lady with the torch in her hand
Stood in the bay on a cold grey dawn
Stood in the bay and looked out upon her troubled land.
The lady looked over the bay,
Looked to the south where the streets ran red
Looked to her children who suffered and bled,
And the lady looked away.

Then she looked to the east where men were marching,
And saw the bitterness and hate
In the eyes of those who wouldn't change
And those, who couldn't wait.
The lady saw faces of black,
Felt the anguish and heard the cries
Saw the pain in a million eyes,
But the lady turned her back.

Then she remembered a promise forgot
For over a hundred years
And the cries and shouts of freedom now
Come ringin', ringin' in her ears.
The lady with the torch in her hand
Looked to a dream that had almost died
Looked to the heavens then bowed her head
In shame and cried.
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