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Lyrics to The Lady From Riems
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She's at your door
A six-foot fleur de lys
She's the lady from Riems
And you know what that means

Every homme
From Pontous to Marseille
Sees her chalet
Every day in his dreams

Camembont, a glass of blanc
And a soft bon soir
Qu vais vous dit, qu vais vous dit
Amusez vous bien

She'll take your hand
At first à contre coeur
But she's on the floor
Before you've opened the door

What's that you say? You cannot pay?
Au coup d'eoux, je suis desolé
Eau de vie, fleur de lys
All hail the lady from Riems

On the square in Mont Pierre
She's gracious and demure
But off the set, tête à tête
She's the belle de jour

Quel pleasure
Que plu de mon songer
Que filles que fête
Maintenaint si vous plais
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