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Lyrics to The King's Ransom
Is anybody even out there,
And are you listening?
Is this a dream or a nightmare,
Or just somewhere in-between?

A plane wreck, a demolition.
While our liberty is free-falling.
That cloud of dust, cloud of poison,
Gave us away, put us to sleep.

Hold the phones.
This could be the one - the one to change it all.
A nation over-God, where debt is law,
History, it all but screams: "I told you so."

Reach for comfort.
Reach for the first thing you can feel.
The words you utter, it won't be enough to keep us here.
And it's all our fault.
It's all our fault.
The king's ransom is paid.

The people nurtured an illusion,
Even the patriot must feed the beast.
Never-mind the intrusions,
nor the different languages we speak.

I've seen our demons
Where our hearts should be beating.
Whisper your reason,
While your lungs should be screaming.

Hold the phones.
Could this be the one,
The one to change it all?
A nation over God will surely fall.

(We're unloaded.
We're unloading.)

Don't cry.
God knows we tried.

Don't fight.
You've got no rights.

Don't fight.
They'll be on your side.

I'm not letting it go.
This madness has become so much more than political.
We cry out from dark and empty streets,
"When did we lose control?"

And I'm letting you know -
There's too much between you and this world to shadow it all.
We cry out from dark and empty streets,
"When did we sell our souls
To the least of two evils?
When did we lose control?"
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